Jan19, 2015: Preliminary report for Puccinia striiformis race analysis 2013 published by Global Rust Reference Center (GRRC), Aarhus University, Denmark.

The Global Rust Reference Center in Denmark has just published the latest report detailing the results of race analysis for Puccinia striiformis samples submitted during the period January – December 2013. A total of 79 isolates were recovered from 11 … Continue reading

April 5, 2011: Ug99 lineage races TTKSK (Ug99), TTKST (Ug99+Sr24) and TTTSK (Ug99+Sr36) confirmed in Tanzania

Three variants in the Ug99 lineage have been confirmed in stem rust samples collected in Tanzania during August 2009 by a team of Tanzanian and international scientists. Races confirmed by the USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory, St. Paul, MN, USA were; … Continue reading