CAUTION: February 2, 2017: Risk of wheat stem rust in Mediterranean Basin in the forthcoming 2017 crop season following outbreaks on Sicily in 2016

Results of extensive lab tests of samples of stem rust have shown that the 2016 stem rust epidemics in Sicily were caused by a new, highly virulent variant of race TTTTF. The samples were collected during serious and unusual outbreaks … Continue reading

Stem Rust Tools and charts

A series of display tool have been created by the Global Rust Reference Center, Aarhus University. These tools permit analysis and display of information relating to the historical and current distribution and importance of stem rust, leaf rust and yellow … Continue reading

Stem Rust Virulence Graph

The Stem Rust Virulence Graph, created by the Global Rust Reference Center, Aarhus University, Denmark, displays changing virulence patterns across years and countries. Selection of any combination of virulence’s is possible. … Continue reading