Jan 12, 2016: Molecular diagnostics indicate presence of race TKTTF (“Digalu” race) in Kenya

Analysis of dead, single pustule stem rust pathogen samples (D-samples) using molecular diagnostic SNP assay at the USDA-ARS Cereals Disease Lab, Minnesota has detected a race TKTTF (“Digalu” race) genotype in Kenya for the first time. Five samples from 2014 … Continue reading

Digalu Race (TKTTF)

The Digalu race (race TKTTF) is not part of the Ug99 race group; it is genetically unrelated. This race has been known from Turkey since at least 2005 and it is widely distributed in the Middle East region. It is … Continue reading

Alert – Jan 9, 2015: Summary of Ethiopia 2014/15 rust situation. Re-current, localized stem rust epidemics caused by race TKTTF (“Digalu” race) in Ethiopia. Extreme caution and vigilance needed in East Africa

Following the localized stem rust epidemics in Ethiopia on the cultivar “Digalu” in 2013/14 (see report 23rd Dec 2013); continued, severe stem rust outbreaks have been observed in the 2014/15 main season. Once again the popular cultivar “Digalu” has been … Continue reading

2018 Preliminary stem rust race analysis report available from Turkey-ICARDA Regional Cereal Rust Research Center (RCRRC) Cereal Rust Biosafety Laboratory Izmir, Turkey

The Turkey-ICARDA Cereal Rust Biosafety Laboratory (CRBL) become operational after the official inauguration of Regional Cereal Rust Research center (RCRRC) on May 30, 2018. Following the inauguration, the CRBL has received official import permits from Food and Control Directorate of … Continue reading

Eritrea Stem Rust Pathotypes

Data Source: AAFC Cereals Research Center, Winnipeg, Canada; USDA-ARS Cereals Disease Lab, MInnesota, USA Predominant Pathotype(s): JRCQC – a durum wheat race also known in Ethiopia. Three Ug99 Race group members: PTKST, TTKST, TTKSK have been recorded. TKTTF (Digalu race) … Continue reading

Ethiopia Stem Rust Pathotypes

Data Sources: EIAR Ambo PPRC, Ethiopia; AAFC, Winnipeg, Canada; USDA-ARS, CDL, Minnesota, USA Predominant Pathotype(s): TTKSK (Ug99), since 2014 replaced by TKTTF (Digalu race) Effective Sr Genes: Ineffective Sr Genes: Sr5, Sr21, Sr9e, Sr7b, Sr11, Sr6, Sr8a, Sr9g, Sr36, Sr9b, … Continue reading


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709″ src=”http://wheatatlas.org/rusttracker/production/ETH” width=”300″ height=”190″] Rust Issues: Both stem and yellow rust are serious constraints to wheat production. In 1993/94 the popular variety Enkoy broke down to stem rust and epidemics occurred. In 2010/11 severe yellow rust epidemics were observed … Continue reading