July 31, 2010: Iran rust survey summary – Yellow rust predominates, but stem rust present in several regions

Photo Credit: J. Kamali

Extensive wheat rust surveys were undertaken by staff from the Iranian Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII) during the period April to July 2010. Coverage of most of the major wheat growing areas in Iran was achieved, with a total of 185 sites surveyed using standard BGRI survey methodology. yellow rust predominated, being recorded at 48 of the sites visited. The disease was widely distributed, being recorded in most of the survey areas. High or moderate disease severity (>20%) was recorded at 27 sites where yellow rust was present.

Stem rust was recorded at 32 of the survey sites. Stem rust observations were concentrated in two major regions – the Western wheat growing areas and the Caspian Sea areas. High or moderate severity (>20%) of the disease was recorded at 11 sites.

leaf rust was recorded at 16 of the sites visited, quite widely distributed but predominantly in the western areas. High or moderate diseases severity (>20%) was recorded at 8 of the sites with leaf rust.

Barberry species infected with aecia were recorded at four locations – all in the highland areas adjacent to the Caspian Sea. It is currently unknown which rust species are attacking Barberry in Iran, but scientific studies are now on-going to investigate the potential role of Barberry in the region.

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