July 2, 2012: Several new rust resistant varieties released in Ethiopia and Kenya

Photo Credit: Meredith Braden

Breeding for rust resistance in East Africa is moving forward at a rapid pace. National research programs in both Ethiopia and Kenya have recently announced the formal release of several new rust resistant varieties in both countries. The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) have released two new varieties – Hidase and Ogolcho. Both originate from CIMMYT germplasm and have resistance to both stem rust (Ug99) and yellow rust. Hidase is targeted towards highland environments and Ogolcho to lowland environments. Full details are given on the Ethiopia Rust Resistant Cultivars page.

In Kenya, the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) have released six new rust resistant varieties – Kenya Tae, Kenya Sunbird, Kenya Wren, Kenya Korongo, Kenya Kingbird, and Kenya Hawk12. All of these are derived from CIMMYT germplasm selections and have resistance to stem rust Ug99 and yellow rust. Full details are given on the Kenya Rust Resistant Cultivars page.

The fantastic progress achieved by the wheat breeding programs in both Ethiopia and Kenya is a wonderful achievement. It reflects the ever-increasing national capacity in both countries and the strong partnerships with the international wheat community, notably – CIMMYT, ICARDA and the DRRW project.

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