Feb. 17, 2014: Rwanda – Ug99 races TTKSK and TTTSK identified from DNA samples

rwanda_2014Following the recent surveys and sampling in Rwanda by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), wheat program and CIMMYT-Ethiopia during the period 27th Jan – 1st Feb 2014; two known Ug99 races have now been identified. Molecular diagnostic assays carried out by Dr Les Szabo at the USDA-ARS Cereals Disease Lab, Minnesota confirmed the presence of races TTKSK (original Ug99) and TTTSK (Sr36 variant of Ug99) in Rwanda. Race TTKSK was dominant, being identified in 13 samples from four dispersed locations (Kinigi RS, Rusarabuye, Rwerere RS and Sigira RS – see map). Two distinct genotypes of race TTKSK (AF-001aa and AF-001ad) were identified in the samples analysed. Race TTTSK (genotype AF-001cc) was detected in 2 samples collected at Sigira RS in the southern province. The results obtained from Rwanda make it the 12th country in which the Ug99 race group has been identified. The races and genotypes detected match those previously known from Uganda and Kenya, so are not unexpected. No evidence was found to indicate the presence of the race implicated in the recent stem rust epidemic in Ethiopia.

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