June 13, 2014: Yemen 2014 Central Highland Rust Surveys – Yellow rust and stem rust present, but at generally low levels

Rust surveys were undertaken in the central Highlands of Yemen during the period 20-25th May 2014. The surveys were undertaken by scientists from the Agricultural Research & Extension Authority (AREA), with the survey team being Musaed Eisa, Rashad Al Basha and Mohmmed Alsaadi. A total of 20 farmer fields were surveyed in Jahran, Qaa Alhagel, Sheraa, Rebat Alqala and Qaa Aldailamy; along with research plots at the AREA Central Highlands Research Station.

In the farmer fields the major varieties cultivated were Shaba ad Bohoth 13. Yellow rust was quite widely distributed, but in general severity was quite low. Only 6 fields recorded severity of 40-50S. stem rust was only present in 4 fields with low incidence and severity in farmer fields. Leaf rust was absent on the surveys and no rust was observed on Barley.

On station, both yellow and stem rust were recorded at high severity (80-90S) on susceptible lines. It was noted that the stem rust infections observed were slightly unusual, as most infections normally occur in the summer season (October). Samples were collected and will be sent to the Global Rust Reference Center, Denmark for race analysis.

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