Latest Survey Data

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  • Rust Issues: Yellow rust is the most serious constraint to wheat production. Epidemics occurred in 2010.
  • Ug99 Status: No Ug99 lineage races have been detected in Tajikistan.

Situation Updates:

July 15, 2011: Tajikistan rust survey summary – Low levels of yellow rust

Wheat rust surveys were undertaken throughout the main wheat growing areas of Tajikistan by staff from the Tajikistan Agrarian University. A total of 22 sites were surveyed, covering both the northern and southern wheat growing regions. Yellow rust was the only rust recorded on the survey. The disease was widely distributed, but only low severity (1-20%) of disease was recorded at all the sites where yellow rust was present.

Sep. 20, 2010: Survey updates – Caucasus and Central Asia

Additional survey data were received from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. In Azerbaijan, stem rust was absent from 24 fields surveyed in April 2010. In Tajikistan, 39 fields were surveyed using standard methodology in May 2010. Stem rust at high severity was recorded at 2 sites close to the border with Uzbekistan. Stem rust pathotypes present in Tajikistan are currently unknown.