June 1, 2012: South Africa – Latest race analysis results. Race TTKSF continues to be the predominant stem rust race in South Africa

Analysis undertaken by the Small Grains Institute, Agricultural Research Council (ARC), South Africa indicated the continued predominance of stem rust race TTKSF in South Africa. Race TTKSF is one of the Ug99 lineage races, although it is avirulent on Sr31. This race was first detected in South Africa in 2000 by Prof Z.A. Pretorius, University of the Free State and was identified in Zimbabwe in 2007. Of the 40 South African stem rust isolates analysed in 2011, 35 were typed to be race TTKSF. Additional races detected in 2011 were BPGSC+Sr27, Kw, Satu (2SA105) [n=4] and BPGSC+Sr27 (2SA102) [n=1].

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