June 1, 2012: Eritrea – Latest race analysis results. “J races” predominate, but PTKST still present

Analysis undertaken by AAFC, Canada on stem rust samples collected by NARI, Eritrea in Oct. 2011 has confirmed the continued presence of Ug99 lineage race PTKST in Eritrea, but only 1 sample out 15 was typed to this race. All other samples analysed were found to be “J races”  (JRCSC  (n=2), JRHSC (n=4), JRHSF (n=8)) these are all virulent on Sr13 and probably came from durum wheat. A set of samples of stem rust from Oats was collected and analysed. The Oat results were interesting,  two races were identified NHFC (n=11) and NKFC (n=3), all the isolates were clearly high on genes Pg10 and Pg16. It is believed that this virulence is not present anywhere else in the world except Australia.

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