Feb 27th, 2013: Latest version of Mehtaensis newsletter published by DWR, Flowerdale, Shimla: Comprehensive updated information on rusts in India and South Asia

The latest version of the Mehtaensis newsletter (a 6 monthly newsletter named after Prof. K.C. Mehta) has just been published by the DWR, Regional Station, Flowerdale, Shimla. Compiled by Dr. S.C. Bhardwaj, Mehtaensis contains a detailed summary of all the rust activities and race analysis results from India and neighbouring South Asian countries during the period Aug 2012 – Jan 2013. The executive summary is reproduced here:

“All the rusts of wheat were observed in Summer Crop of Nilgiri hills (Tamil Nadu) and Leh (Jammu & Kashmir) whereas black rust was not observed in Dalang and Kinnaur areas of Himachal Pradesh. Owing to the dry weather there was no record of rusts except for mild brown rust in Karnataka.

Analysis of 213 samples of rusts of wheat and barley indicated that there was no occurrence of new pathotypes. Pathotype 40A followed by 40-1 of black rust, 46S119 followed by 78S84 of yellow rust and 77-5 followed by 104-2 of brown rust were predominant in wheat growing areas of India and neighboring countries. To identify the rust resistant lines, characterizing resistance genes, confirm the presence of resistance genes and genetics of rust resistance 1811 lines of wheat were subjected to multipathotype evaluation. National repository of 126 pathotypes of different rust pathogens was maintained, nucleus bulk inocula were supplied to 38 Scientist/centres in public and private sectors. Wheat disease monitoring nursery was a organized for planting at 45 locations. Evaluation and advancement of 34 cross combinations is being undertaken.” Mehtaensis 33(1) January, 2013

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