June 25, 2013: Lebanon Survey Summary. Stem rust predominates

Photo credit: W Khoury, FAO

Photo: W Khoury, FAO

Surveys covering the main wheat growing areas in Lebanon from north to south were undertaken by Rola El Amil of the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) during the period 7-11th May 2013. A total of 24 locations were surveyed with all crops at the dough stage. stem rust was widespread throughout the survey areas, being recorded at 13 of the 24 locations (54%). High incidence and severity (>40%) of stem rust was recorded at 8 of these locations. Bread wheat, durum wheat and landraces were all  observed to be infected with stem rust. Both yellow and leaf rust were uncommon on the survey. Yellow rust was only recorded at 3 locations in the central and southern areas. Leaf rust was recorded at just 2 locations in the far north, close to the Syrian border.

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