June 24, 2013: Nepal Survey Summary. Yellow and leaf rust predominate

Nepal Rust Frequency 2011-2013

Nepal Rust Frequency 2011-2013

Extensive surveys were undertaken throughout Nepal during the period late March to mid May 2013. The surveys were coordinated by Sarala Sharma at NARC, Khumaltar with several participating institutes involved in implementation. A total of 102 locations were surveyed, covering the entire country from west to east and including the plains to the mid-high hills. yellow rust and leaf rust predominated on the survey.

Yellow rust was recorded at 58 of the locations visited (57%), with the disease widely distributed across Nepal throughout the mid hill areas. Only 1 observation was reported from the lowland Terai. Moderate or high severity (i.e., >20%) of yellow rust was recorded at 42 out of the 58 sites with disease.

Leaf rust was recorded at 52 of the locations visited (51%), with moderate or high severity recorded at 35 of these sites. As with yellow rust, leaf was distributed across Nepal but showed a bias towards the lowland plain areas. Compared to previous years (2011 & 2012) increased frequency and severity of leaf rust was observed in 2013 (see frequency graph).

stem rust was only recorded  at one location, near Nepalganj close to the Indian border. Low levels of stem rust were recorded on barley at this location.

Samples of all three rusts were collected and sent to the Shimla laboratory, India for race analysis.

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