July 23, 2010: Survey updates – Middle East, Caucasus, and Central Asia

Surveys were undertaken in Azerbaijan (May/June 2010 – 38 fields), Lebanon (May 2010 – 16 fields) and Uzbekistan (May 2010 – 56 fields). In each country, isolated occurrences of stem rust were detected in farmer’s fields. In Lebanon, occurrence of stem rust at 11 of the 16 survey sites was considered slightly unusual. In Azerbaijan, stem rust at two on-farm sites (score 20SMS, 40SMS) on the Caspian Sea was noteworthy. In Uzbekistan, stem rust (score 40MS) was recorded at a single site in the Fergana Valley. In all cases races involved are currently unknown. Increased surveillance effort may be one factor leading to increased detection, but regular future monitoring and confirmation of races involved is considered important.

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