July 1, 2010: Iraq rust survey summary – Yellow rust at near epidemic levels

Extensive wheat rust surveys were undertaken throughout the wheat growing regions of Iraq during April to June 2010. A total of 218 sites were surveyed using standard BGRI survey methodology. Conditions in 2010 were extremely suitable for rust development. Yellow rust was observed in nearly 70% of the fields visited (n= 149) and a large proportion of these fields (n=89) had disease severity greater than 20%. All the areas surveyed were affected by the disease.

leaf rust was also widespread, being recorded at 84 of the sites visited. Most reports of leaf rust came from the Central and Southern areas of the country. Moderate severity (20-40%) of leaf rust was reported from nearly half the sites where leaf rust was present.

Stem rust was recorded at 45 of the sites visited. Most reports were clustered around Erbil in the North-east. Virtually all the records related to low severity (<20%) of disease. Which pathotypes were present is currently unknown.

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