Pakistan Virulence Graph

The Virulence by Country tool, developed by the University of Aarhus Denmark, displays the frequency of virulence to specific combinations of Sr genes in analysed samples over time for a selected country. Selection of any Ug99 lineage race or specific … Continue reading


Rust Issues: Yellow rust is the main constraint to wheat production. Leaf rust has reached epidemic levels in the past. Stem rust is recorded annually in Sindh province. Ug99 Status: No Ug99 lineage races have been detected in Pakistan Situation … Continue reading

Pakistan Survey Mapper

The Country Survey Mapper tool, developed by the University of Aarhus Denmark, displays rust field survey data. Selection of any specific combination of year and disease is possible. Any new data incorporated into the underlying database will automatically be displayed … Continue reading

June 30, 2011: Pakistan rust survey summary – All three rusts recorded, stem rust only in Sindh province, yellow rust in the Northern plains and leaf rust widely distributed

Extensive wheat rust surveys were undertaken by several research institutes in Pakistan during March to May 2011. The surveys covered all the major wheat growing areas from Sindh province in the south to the northern plains. A total of 56 … Continue reading

Feb 4, 2015: Preliminary report for Puccinia striifromis race analysis 2014 published by Global Rust Reference Center (GRRC), Aarhus University, Denmark.

Following the recent release of the 2013 stripe rust report, the Global Rust Reference Center in Denmark has now just published the latest report detailing the results of race analysis for ¬†Puccinia striifromis samples submitted during the period January – … Continue reading

Aug 17th, 2012: Latest version of Mehtaensis newsletter published by DWR, Flowerdale, Shimla: Comprehensive, updated information on rusts in India and South Asia

The latest version of the Mehtaensis newsletter (a 6 monthly newsletter named after Prof. K.C. Mehta) has just been published by the DWR, Regional Station, Flowerdale, Shimla. Compiled by Dr. S.C. Bhardwaj, Mehtaensis contains a detailed summary of all the … Continue reading

Leaf Rust

Wheat leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) is the most widespread of all the rusts that affect wheat. Losses are usually less than for either yellow rust or stem rust. Under suitable conditions, yield losses of 10-20% or more are possible. However, … Continue reading