Zimbabwe Survey Mapper

The Country Survey Mapper tool, developed by the University of Aarhus Denmark, displays rust field survey data. Selection of any specific combination of year and disease is possible. Any new data incorporated into the underlying database will automatically be displayed … Continue reading

Zimbabwe Virulence Graph

The Virulence by Country tool, developed by the University of Aarhus Denmark, displays the frequency of virulence to specific combinations of Sr genes in analysed samples over time for a selected country. Selection of any Ug99 lineage race or specific … Continue reading


Rust Issues: Stem and leaf rust are serious constraints to wheat production. Ug99 Status: Three variants of Ug99 have been detected in Zimbabwe. Race TTKSF (avirulent on Sr31) was first detected in 2009, race PTKST (virulent on both Sr31 and … Continue reading

Sept. 30, 2011: Zimbabwe rust survey summary – Stem rust persists in the Lowveld, leaf rust widespread

Wheat rust surveys were undertaken by the Crop Breeding Institute and Plant Protection Research Institute throughout the key wheat growing areas of Zimbabwe during the period 19th – 24th September 2011. The primary focus of the surveys was to assess … Continue reading

Oct. 19th, 2012: Molecular diagnostics provide updated knowledge on Ugandan stem rust races: Four Ug99 race group members (TTKSK, TTKST, TTTSK and TTKSF) postulated

New molecular diagnostic assays are providing rapid and useful information on the Ug99 race group in Africa. The assays have been developed by the group led by Dr Les Szabo at the USDA-ARS Cereals Disease Laboratory in St Paul, Minnesota, … Continue reading

June 1, 2012: South Africa – Latest race analysis results. Race TTKSF continues to be the predominant stem rust race in South Africa

Analysis undertaken by the Small Grains Institute, Agricultural Research Council (ARC), South Africa indicated the continued predominance of stem rust race TTKSF in South Africa. Race TTKSF is one of the Ug99 lineage races, although it is avirulent on Sr31. … Continue reading

Ug99 Effective Sr Genes

Effective / Ineffective stem rust Resistance Genes The following table summarizes the effective and ineffective stem rust resistance genes for races in the Ug99 lineage (based on Singh et al., 2006). TTKSK (Ug99) TTKSF TTKST (Ug99 + Sr24) TTTSK (Ug99 … Continue reading