9 April 2015: CAUTION – Increased vigilance needed in eastern Mediterranean countries following confirmation of Ug99 (race TTKSK) in Egypt

Following the confirmed detection of Ug99 (race TTKSK) in Egypt in 2014 (BGRI special newsletter report April 2015) increased vigilance is needed for stem rust in the eastern Mediterranean. Although no confirmed reports of race TTKSK have been obtained from … Continue reading

June 30, 2010: Syria rust survey summary – Major yellow rust epidemic with mega-cultivar Cham-8 very susceptible

Following early indications of a major yellow rust outbreak and high susceptibility of meg-cultivar Cham-8, the Syrian Agricultural Research Programme in collaboration with ICARDA undertook a massive rust survey effort in 2010. A total of 546 fields were surveyed, covering … Continue reading