Aug 11th, 2014: Latest version of Mehtaensis newsletter published by DWR, Flowerdale, Shimla: Comprehensive updated information on rusts in India and South Asia

The latest version (Vol 34, July 2014, No. 2) of the Mehtaensis newsletter (a 6 monthly newsletter named after Prof. K.C. Mehta) has just been published by the DWR, Regional Station, Flowerdale, Shimla. Compiled by Dr. S.C. Bhardwaj, O.P. Gangwar, … Continue reading

June 13, 2014: Yemen 2014 Central Highland Rust Surveys – Yellow rust and stem rust present, but at generally low levels

Rust surveys were undertaken in the central Highlands of Yemen during the period 20-25th May 2014. The surveys were undertaken by scientists from the Agricultural Research & Extension Authority (AREA), with the survey team being Musaed Eisa, Rashad Al Basha … Continue reading

May 23, 2014: Iran 2014 Rust Surveys – Isolated occurrence of wheat rusts, but generally very low disease pressure for Iranian farmers

Extensive wheat disease surveys have been undertaken throughout the main wheat growing regions of Iran during the period February to May 2014. The surveys were coordinated by Dr Farzad Afshari, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII), Karaj and involved several … Continue reading

May 14, 2014: Bangladesh 2014 Rust Surveys – High leaf rust pressure and the first stem rust records in three decades

Extensive annual rust surveys were undertaken throughout the wheat growing areas of Bangladesh during February-March 2014. The surveys were coordinated by Dr P.K. Malaker of the Wheat Research Centre (WRC), Dinajpur, but implemented by several collaborating stations, including; Dinajpur, Joydebpur, … Continue reading

Jan. 20, 2014: DWR, India issues new yellow rust advisory for North-west plain zone and Northern Hill zone. Early appearance and rapid disease spread being reported.

On the 2nd January 2014 DWR, India issued a new advisory for yellow rust management in the North-west plain zone and Northern Hill zone (see DWR Advisory). The first report of stripe rust was observed in farmers fields on 1st … Continue reading

Nov. 18, 2013: Eritrea Survey Summary – Stem rust predominates, but conditions favourable for all three rusts

Annual rust surveys, led by Asmelash Wolday of NARI,¬† during the period 3-15th October 2013 covered all the main wheat growing regions of Eritrea. A total of 69 sites were surveyed (see survey map – As in previous years, … Continue reading

May 20, 2013: Bhutan 2013 Rust Surveys – Rust incidence lower than 2012, leaf rust widespread but yellow rust localized

Rust surveys were coordinated and undertaken by the National Plant Protection Centre, Department of¬†Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Semtokha, Thimpu, Bhutan in collaboration with the Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat (DRRW) project during the period 25th April – 3rd … Continue reading